Sunday, January 06, 2008

A peek into the office at Garage Magazine

A couple of Fridays ago, Jay and I had a date where I took the train up to San Francisco, and we went to his office to eat a burrito and then attended a concert. More on that fun night later! But I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek into his office at Garage Magazine.

Jay is the Photographer at Large at the mag, and he works with 2 great guys, Dan Stoner and Brian Bounds. Dan is the Editor in Chief (and former owner) and Brian is the Art Chief. A pretty small operation works really hard to put together a really cool publication. It's so cool in fact, that Jay Leno has a subscription (as do a bunch of guys in the slammer), and almost two years ago, Jesse James took over the publishing helm. Prior to that, Dan and his wife, Raquel used to run the mag out of their living room. It has truly been a labor of love.

The office is on the 2nd floor, located above a motorcycle shop in San Francisco. Since the guys weren't there for me to ask permission, I'll just include a few photos that show small details.

issue No 14, cover photo by Timothy White

a product shot for the upcoming issue, which can
also be seen on Jay's blog

I love that they nailed these old boards to the wall,
then added their favorite posters and photos

just a couple of dolls

hanging above Jay's desk is a vintage amusement ride,
courtesy of builder Vern Tardel

a place to hold tea

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Jessica said...

Loved the inside peek and the history behind the magazine.