Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Joy in the Mundane

My body was made to walk and not sit as much as it does. I am not sure if it was reading Andre Agassi's autobiography or if I was just ready, but I walked to work yesterday. Andre's book is fantastic, probably even if you aren't into tennis. His dad made him hit one million balls per year. Surely I can walk 2.9 miles to work. I've biked it before, but I wanted 45 minutes of being outside instead of 15.

Hello blue Caddy fins. Our family had a car like this when I was a teenager. The Batmobile, we called it. I'm sad to say I was embarrassed to be seen in it, even though my grandmother told me it was cool, all the kids in California love old cars (I lived in Louisiana at the time).

Why yes, it's me and I have two heads.

I've driven by this creek a thousand times and never knew it was there. Those are Eucalyptus trees. They were brought over from Australia during the Gold Rush and used as windrows on agricultural land.

I like a good peace symbol.

Abalone shells.
5 more minutes and I'm at work. I feel invigorated all day.

On my way home. Jay asks if I want a ride. No thank you, I said, even though it starts drizzling.
I think my brother has gotten a fretboard repaired here.

I wonder if this mannequin comes alive at night.

The interior of this Skylark was creamy tuck and roll leather. You can hear the sound the engine makes, can't you?

Bullet train on the way to San Francisco. I always like seeing the people in the windows reading.

Everyone in California knows the El Camino Real because it's a 600 mile highway running from San Diego to San Francisco. It was created to connect all of California's missions and pueblos. There are the weirdest collection of stores on the ElCo. In two blocks alone I can think of stores to buy saddles, guns, lamps, manicures, pizza, ice cream and bridal gowns. The American dream?

My dream home is a Spanish/Mediterranean style, like this one. Close to the beach of course.

Lights greeting me on the corner of my street. I feel content and think of that great line, "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."

Happy New Year! I want 2010 to be amazing for all of us. I know I'm going to sound mushy, but we just have to keep our hearts open. Lots of love, JW

Saturday, December 12, 2009


It rained super hard here today and it was awesome. We took a drive to Half Moon Bay and the sea was stormy. There were a bunch of kite surfers practicing on the north side of the Jetty. We stopped to get a coffee at Blue Sky and the owners had just returned from a trek in Nepal. They were really stoked on it and still had a glow in their faces.

We took the long way home and drove down Skyline through the foggy redwoods. It was so beautiful I just wanted to stay there. I need the mountains and need to go to them more. The mountains are givers. I was thinking existential thoughts like, our lives are kind of an illusion. We can do anything we want. I'll try to explain that another time, but I also thought it'd be good to be more like the Native American Indians.

How? Well lots of ways but particularly, I think it would be highly beneficial for everyone, starting as a teenager, to go on your own vision quest say, for 10 days. And to do this every two years. That way, you'd always stay on track, or quickly get back on track and know what you are meant to be doing. You'd know yourself very well, you'd know nature and you wouldn't get lost. I'm going to think about this some more.

Sometimes I have gotten so mad because I've felt off track and I knew instinctively that all I'd need to do is take some time away. A few years ago I was frustrated by working at a boring office where everyone took things too seriously (does money have to be so serious?) and I was not making enough art or being in nature enough and I just wanted to walk. I fantasized about walking from here to Santa Barbara. I didn't do it.

From what I see around me I think we work too much, in general. I think we need to be in nature a lot more. I can envision our world being healthier. Do I feel like I am at the highest level of healthiness in my body, mind and spirit? I know that I'm not. I need to be so strong that that is always my highest priority. I want to raise the level. Let's do it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dear Diary: Part Three

January 6

Dad plaid a game of checkers with me and I won!
My tooth almost came out. And the next day it did!
The toothfairy brought me 25¢

February 3

Today Beth is going to come over and do a dance
my mom taught me "(and Beth.)"
The dance is called, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.


Anyone know what the going rate is for a tooth these days?

The General Store

I can't wait to visit the brand new General Store, a collaboration between sweethearts Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter. It's in the Outer Sunset near Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

A perfect way to start the day would be to have some coffee at Trouble, walk to the beach, get a new t-shirt at Mollusk, have lunch at Outerlands Cafe, and visit the General Store.

Mason said that the General Store features carefully curated items from both new and vintage sources. Local Artisans and Craftspeople contribute to the mix of furniture, clothing, tools, plants, household items, books, jewelry, cards and small electronics. In January they will unveil their backyard garden and patio.

Sounds like goodness to me!