Friday, November 30, 2007


Tomorrow I am showing my work at the warehouse where I rent space with other artists. I am pretty excited about it! Jess will be there with Rosina Red Designs and Jay will be there with his photos. I have to go hang some little posters at some coffee shops on my lunch break today. My Mom is baking a ton of chocolate chip cookies for it.

Linden Street Warehouse Artists
Holiday Open Studios!
This Saturday, Dec. 1, 10am - 5pm
275B Linden Street, Redwood City
Across the street from Target, behind Sleep Train

Participating Artists:

Adele Seltzer
Annie Ahern
Bonny Novesky
Colleen Sullivan
Jamie Welsh Watson
Jay Watson Photography
Kalani Engles
Lisa Atoji
Rosina Red Designs
Sean Smith
Stephen Browning

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My lunch

In an effort to provide you with the most droll entertainment of your day, may I present to you, my lunch.

There is a book out there with ideas for your blog including how no one cares about what you had for lunch.

I haven't read it.

Giving thanks

We give thanks before we eat our dinner and last night's went like this:

Jamie: "God, I'd like to thank you for Jay's super hot body".

Jay: surprised, chuckles and adds, "And for this food. Amen".

Jamie: "Jay, I think God has a sense of humor and it's ok to say a prayer like that. He (or She!) probably gets bored of all those prayers and is thankful for Talladega Nights!"

Monday, November 26, 2007

A beautiful saying

I read something really beautiful in the newspaper today. It was an article about a 6 year old boy who is blind, and wants to hand out gifts to the children in the hospital during the holidays. The article also goes on to say how much he loves the playground and going down slides, and his mother wants him to have a playset made out of soft materials, so he won't get hurt. This is how the boy expressed the happiness he feels at the playground:

"Going down a slide is like being on a rainbow".

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I left my art in NYC

I was talking to Jay about my desire to leave art in different cities around the world. He suggested, why not start when you go to New York?

So I chose a monotype, put it in a sealed celophane bag, added a sticker on it that said "FREE ART! Take me home!" and wrote the following on a card to place behind the print:

Hello! I am a piece of original art (monotype) from San Carlos, CA. Send me a message!

I tacked it to a wall with other posters on it, at E. 39th and Lexington. I wonder if anyone will notice it and want to take it home. I sure hope so. Regardless, I felt so happy to do it. My career as a guerilla artist has just begun.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Happy Birthday to the greatest brother in the universe!!!

Something awesome in Portland

I happened upon this artist, Flora S. Bowley, whose work I am just loving!! It is so beautiful and colorful and imaginative!

Well, she is curating a show in Portland on Dec. 7th called "Thirty". The description from her website reads:

I am the curator/organizer and also a participant of this amazing affordable art extravaganza. Thirty artists will have thirty days to create thirty small paintings (8" x 8") each. All 900 paintings will be for sale for $30 each!!

Gosh doesn't that sound like so much fun!? I wish I could fly to PDX to go to this event. I love, love, love it when artists do things like this to make art affordable for the general public.

For at least 15 years, I have had a guerilla-artist-type dream of making monotypes, then flying to different cities with them. PDX, LAX, NYC, Miami, NOLA, Salt Lake, et al. I would place them in cellophane bags and staple them to poles with existing posters such as "lost cat" or "ani difranco - nov. 11th!"

I'd perhaps have a little mission statement in the bag and I wouldn't worry if it got rained on, or if someone took it and did not take care of it. I would just let it go after the staple clicked.

This is going to be one of my main goals in 2008.

New monotypes

I've been having a lot of fun working in my studio lately. I work in a warehouse with other artists. We've just decided to have a holiday sale on Dec. 1st, so my weekends til then will be spent there. I feel really good about everything I'm doing lately. My favorite feelings are happening all at once, of peace, happiness and excitement.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thank you

Thank you, my dear friend Jess. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Does anyone notice this blog's new banner? Before, it was a sad rectangle with a Courier font. I wondered how one could make beautiful blog banners such as this one, which makes me drool. And then today, Jess, who is really smart and really determined (smart & determined being a lethal combination), has her 4-year old son Jaden call me today at work. A little voice on the other end says, "Jamie? Can my Momma talk to you for a little while and tell you about a gift"? Oh, well of course, I said! And then the excited Jess comes on the line and asks if I can please check my e-mail now for a gift! A gift! And low and behold appeared in my inbox an e-mail, with a subject line of your surprise, containing the jpg of the beautiful banner you see above. She made it herself, she figured out how, and I'm about to cry typing this because she is just so sweet. And by the way, she made herself a beautiful blog banner today as well. That's alliteration! And that's a great blog to check out.