Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fans of Cher Pendarvis - Place Your Orders!

The great news is that the interview I did with Cher Pendarvis last year has been picked up by a very fine Australian publication called Kurungabaa: a journal of literature, history and stories from the sea.

This new issue is full of words, art, and images from emerging artist around the world, and includes a DVD of three Australian short films.

The cutoff date is to place your order is July 10th. It is a not-for-profit publication that only prints as many as are pre-ordered.

last issue of Kurungabaa

A little shout out to Rebecca Olive, whom many of you know from the surf blogging community. She is a writer for Kurungabaa and a dynamo of a woman who wants more women represented in Australian surf culture - and thus chose the Cher Pendarvis piece for the magazine. Thank you, Bec.

To order, go here now. I'd better place my order, too! Gosh it would be great if some U.S. surf shops stocked up on a few...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Surf Fridays!

Summer is here. Let's say you want to do something different. Something wild and beautiful. How about a road trip to Big Sur, California?

There is so much beauty in Big Sur, it is nearly overwhelming, in a good way. Do you like the sound of staying in a rustic (yet spotless) cabin along the Big Sur river? Ripplewood is where Jay and I stay every time. We recently took Jay's parents here too, and they loved it.

Andrew Molera (Big Sur Rivermouth) is no secret spot. It's a nice point/beach break and it takes a mile to hike in with your surfboard. This helps keep the crowds away.

A generous local showed us how to avoid making that mile hike for a 6 inch wave. Simply turn off the Highway onto Coast Road. You'll need to go pretty slowly as this dirt road has got a lot of huge bumps and holes in it.

Once you get up there, it will look just like this. This is your perch spot with a view to the south.

And from the same spot is the view of Andrew Molera. (There is a campground here, too). This is when you'll need to take out your binoculars.

With binoculars, you'll get a much better view than this. But you can tell that you'd be able to get a pretty good idea of what's going on that day so you can decide on whether to make the hike in or not.

Happy surfing and happy summer adventures to you!


I am super excited because a high school swimming pool near my house opens to the public next Monday and I can work on my paddle fitness during my lunch break. I love swimming so much! I also love shave ice and have serious cravings every summer - can you believe they don't have any around where I live? I am seriously considering getting a shave ice machine. But first, I'll need to spend about a week in Hawaii, learning how to make the best ones from a local who will let me apprentice, and then I can surf in Waikiki every morning and afternoon as my reward. That's what I told Jay this morning. He laughed but somewhere inside, he knows I am serious.

Lots of love...JW

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me and Jess

Polaroid story: I put some pink braids in my hair and took a road trip to visit Jess at her old home in Venice, California, 2002.

Jessica Nichols is one of my best friends. She is in Mexico on vacation, and asked me to be a guest on her beautiful blog, Sweet Eventide. Please check it out. It's very personal and full of love.

Refueled Magazine Rocks

click and enlarge to read

When the editor of Refueled Magazine asked me to interview my own husband for the summer issue, I said yes. Chris Brown puts together such a fine, fine publication that it took me about two weeks to come up with some decent questions for the online mag. Of course, Mr. Jay Watson does an even better job answering them.

You can click on the flip book above to enlarge the pages for your reading pleasure. Brown is one of the best editorial designers I've ever seen in the business. Thanks for the opportunity, Chris.

For the entire issue, go to Refueled Magazine.


In other news, Jay Watson has a new interview available via podcast on LensFlare 35.