Monday, November 27, 2006


My family and I lived in Covington, Louisiana from 1978-1986. Covington is a town across the Lake Ponchatrain from New Orleans. I missed my high school reunion this year, but hope to go to NOLA next year to meet with the friends I'd want to see most.

I found this writing in a journal and thought I'd post it. It was from 2004 when I went back for a quick trip with Jay and our friends who live in Houston.

NOLA 9-4-04

I loved going back there. I didn't get too annoyed at the humidity even though sweat was sliding down my back. It felt - the feel of NOLA, the look - the people, felt like part of me I had long forgotten.

It made me happy to be there. I want to take things home - art, food, entire houses on Magazine St. or St. Charles. Weathered faces of old black men, tug at my heart like they did when I lived here.

Plants are lush and evergreen.

The art in House of Blues reminded me of me, and I hope I can focus on that part of who I am as I work on my prints. It is fun and exciting to me and gives me satisfaction and peace - because I don't even care or think about what other people might think about it. That to me, is the secret of art.

Abita beer still tastes like water.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Plants as an inexpensive decorating tool

If spending money could be my hobby, it would be top on my list. But since it can't be my hobby, and since I love decorating, I was happy I remembered something great this past weekend.

I needed something to spruce up my buffet in the dining room. What could it be? That big empty spot on top of it was looming at me. I went to the Home Depot with Jay and wandered into the plant section. Plants are beautiful, inexpensive and easy to care for. Plus, they give us oxygen. I saw the solution for my dining room.

The tropical plant with colorful leaves was $1.67 and the classy little pot was under $10. Not only can you decorate with the plant itself, but you can get creative with choosing the pot! You might have a plant at home that needs a little sprucing up. Maybe it has grown and needs to be repotted into something a little bigger. Wella! A whole new look.

Some folks think they don't have a green thumb, but all I ever do is water my indoor plants once a week and pay attention to their lighting needs. Plus, if you purchase a plant from Home Depot and it dies within a year, you can bring it back and get another one. How cool is that. It's also fun to go on a small adventure to your local nursery because they have more interesting choices, plus it's so peaceful to wander about.

Plants are our friends!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get a massage

Hello, I am here to tell you something I strongly believe in. Getting a massage is not decadent. It is preventative maintenance and healing. So many women I talk to say that they feel guilty about getting a massage because it is decadent. Just because something feels good does not mean it is decadent.

I could argue that getting a pedicure is decadent because we have the ability to paint our toes ourselves. OK, it is a little difficult and can get a little messy if you don't have a steady hand. But can we rub our backs ourselves? No, we can't!

Is having someone rub our backs necessary? Who doesn't work hard these days? Is there anyone out there who just lays around all day smelling roses? I seriously doubt it. We are hard working at our jobs, as mothers, as wives, partners, good friends. To have assistance with easing the stress or working out knots that have built up in our muscles is good for you.

We should all try to eat healthy food and drink lots of water and exercise, even if it's for a brisk walk. Please add a massage 4 times per year. I usually get one per year so I even need to take my own advice. All you need to do is save roughly $25 a month for 3 months and there you have the massage + tip.

Ask around for who is good. You might like deep tissue or a light touch. Promise you'll get one at least after the holidays.

You deserve it for the well being of your body, soul and mind.

p.s. I believe every woman should have a spa day, but my dear friend Clare reminds me...if you have a special friend to give you a massage at home, well YES! In the words and accent of Borat, "VERY NICE"!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A recommendation for the ladies

Sparkle tank tops, sold at Urban Outfitters. I remember the days when I got the tank tops with the built in bra at the Gap. They were bulky to wear and too short in length. Now when I open my drawer, I have a rainbow of fun colors to choose from to wear under my t-shirts, sweaters and work blouses. (Is there another word I can use besides 'blouse' here)?

- Great length
- Non-noticable shrinkage
- Made of durable yet soft cotton
- Cute!
- Holds up very well through many washings
- Adds warmth while providing a peek of color under your main top
- Tons of colors and I mean tons!

The best part is the price - 2 for $20. If you can get to the store, you'll find some of the colors on sale for $4.99 or $5.99. Or, you can get them online. Shucks, many of the colors are missing get to a store near you, if you can. That way you can play with the Napoleon Dynamite doll while you're in line.

online link: Sparkle Longer Strappy Tank
store locater: Urban Outfitters Store Locater

Monday, November 06, 2006

Turning 38

My Mom's mom, Noni as I called her, told me something when I was 18. She hoped I'd have a nice date take me to the Top of the Mark, as her husband used to take her on dates way back in the day. For many years afterwards, I did not feel sophisticated enough to even try going on a date there. On the other hand, maybe it says a little something about my dates that they did not take me to places like that. I was a bit of a hippie; people used to tell me I should have grown up in the 60's.

Well I think I'm sophisticated enough now and what does it matter, I want her wish for me to come true. So since it is on my birthday that I get to do whatever I want, I will be turning 38 at the Top of the Mark Hopkins with Jay this year. We will get dressed up and go next Saturday evening. We'll toast at midnight and have a kiss and a dance. And that will be a perfect and meaningful way to spend my birthday this year. Yes 20 years later, I have waited for the perfect date to go with.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Candy

Damn these Whoppers! I have a milk quart sized box of Whoppers here at work and I keep eating them. I actually put them on the desk of the person across from me, but he's not here. And all I have to do is stand up to get them. Duh. Oooo this reminds me of a good story from a woman I deeply admire. Are you ready? She wanted to stop eating a bag of potato chips so she peed in them! Perhaps I could contaminate these Whoppers with a bunch of salt!

Today I went for the lamest run I've probably ever done. I wonder if I have OCD sometimes. Before leaving the house at 6:40am to go on my run, I first decided that I had to put some laundry in the washer. Then I decided I had to put away one utensil from my dishrack into its drawer. Then I had to fold a blanket that was on my bed and put it on the couch. Then I didn't like how it was folded so I did it again. Now, it's 6:50am and I finally left the house.

It rained on me. I didn't run to the best of my ability. I got to a street that has a view of the bay and I stopped for a long time to marvel at it. I was going to run on another street after that, but I saw a man jogging on it and decided I wanted to be alone. So I ran home instead.

Perhaps I just don't have direction now that I've run the half-marathon.