Friday, January 04, 2008

50 mph

The wind knocked over our table.
Oops, I think we should have put the umbrella in the garage for winter.

Willie is being pelted by rain but that didn't stop her
from asking for a few peanuts!

Meanwhile, someone is in one of his odd yoga poses,
happily snoozing by the heater.

Ooo, we have big gusts of wind here in the Bay Area right now, averaging about 36 mph and up to 50 mph at times. It's kind of exciting! The electricity is out at Jay's co-worker's house in Burlingame. From the news we just learned that 57,000 people are affected by power outages on the peninsula. Skiers are happy because about 10 feet of snow is going to drop in Tahoe. Also, there will be 25 foot waves at the ocean on Saturday. That is really something to behold, so we'll have to go take a look. Don't worry, we won't be bringing our surfboards.


Bill and Christina and Joey said...

Hi Jamie, Jay and Devo...!
Cool post on the weather, Jamie!
This past week was a great week to be a meteorologist. My friends at work and I have been watching this storm brew for over a week and all of our New Year's dreams have come true...wind, rain, thunderstorms and huge surf! An exciting break from the typical boring weather of the Bay Area.
No power outages down here in the South Bay but a great show out our living room window nonetheless.
More weather on its way!


Clare said...

Our power was out in San Jose for 10 hours and our house was freezing. It has given me a whole new appreciation for electricity. We were very prepared though. We had enough candles and batteries. The only thing that we were not as prepared for was non perishable food. We didnt want to open the fridge so Chris battled the weather to go get us food. What a provider.