Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hardware upgrade

or, how I got a really boring dresser and made it more fun...

I needed a 5-drawer dresser so I turned to what else, Craigslist. There, waiting in someone's storage unit in San Francisco, was a totally adequate dresser for under $80. I knew it wasn't even close to my dream dresser, but it was what I needed for now. When we put it in our room, I felt a little bit bummed at its plainness. It was very, nilla-waferish. Jay looked at the dresser, not really liking it much either and said, "What if you put some red glass knobs on it?"

Yes Jay, Yes! Gosh you're good.

came with nice, plain wooden knobs


much better

If you're in northern Calif., you can find tons of fun knobs at Belmont Hardware, or from a vendor at the Alameda antique fair.


Jessica said...

I never met a red anything that I could resist, so I better avoid those two places and all that red pretty goodness. Great upgrade!

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