Friday, February 27, 2009

Surf Fridays!

Dolphins checkin' out the lineup, Manhattan Beach
Photos by Jason Weber

Happy Surf Fridays! Justin Furniss sent these photos to me last week. A buddy of his, Jason Weber, took them while surfing in Manhattan Beach. They made my day and thought they'd make you feel good, too. Here's what Jason said about it...

"We've all seen dolphins in the lineup before. But this was different. It was like the dolphins wanted to hang out with us. They had been flying down the lineup, blasting out the back of the set waves. When they got to us they stopped and started to play right in front of us.

The picture of the dolphin standing up and looking at my buddy is the coolest. The dolphin did this like 3 times. The funny thing is, my friend's nickname is the "manatee". Are you kidding me!! Of course the dolphin is going to stop, look, double take, and wonder what the hell is this guy--docile sea mammal or surfer?!!?"


tres_arboles said...

Wicked. I miss surfing with dolphins. Up here, it's surfing with sea lions and paddleboarding with killer whales. Neither of which is disappointing so don't get me wrong. But nothing said San Diego like morning glass and playful dolphins. 'cept maybe a Robertos carne asada burrito.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

....dolphins speak to me all the time. This was just the first recorded incident.

- Manatee

sullivanLC said...

it s always a blast when that happens....awesome to see pix of it...thanx

Clare said...

Dear Jamie I am nominating you a Lemonade award for a blog that shows great attitude/gratitude. Go to my blog post for details!

Toddy said...

holy moley. I have been in the water with them a bunch of times, close too, but never has one popped up like that to say hi.
Rad rad rad.

Jamie Watson said...

Paddleboarding with killer whales! I have to hear more about that, David.

Sully and Toddy - I know, so rad!

And are a very mysterious being! I am very glad Jason captured the recorded incident.

Thank you Clarey.