Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prettiest song I've heard all year

Life feels a touch too busy these days. It's just a phase. Glued to the computer at work and finally escaped for a bite to eat. On the return I parked in the underground garage and got out of the car. I heard silence, followed by the sound of a leaf being dragged along the ground by the wind. That was the loudest, clearest sound I heard today. And this is the prettiest song I've heard all year.


Clare said...

wow that was pretty. Also "followed by the sound of a leafe being dragged along the ground" was lovely. I wish I was there with you to close my eyes and hear that myself.

Paulo Ribeiro said...

I've just finished hearing this, and I could go on all day. Makes me want to be slowly riding a convertible along the beach.

Jamie Watson said...

Clare you are so sweet.

Paolo, that is the best idea ever. Can I have a ride?