Monday, February 23, 2009

Plywerk rocks!

I want to thank everyone who has already let me know that you will be donating your work to benefit the Mattson family. Jonathan Mattson wrote to me this weekend and let me know how grateful he is for your support!

I just got word from Plywerk and they are generously offering a 30% discount. Truly amazing - and the co-owner, Kim Nguyen, is an award-winning photographer and donating a piece as well! Thank you, Plywerk!

If you choose to have your work mounted on their beautiful, sustainably harvested wood, please email me at pineappleluv (at) and I will give you the link and code.

I should also mention that my husband Jay has already used the product and is very happy with it. Jay has very high standards.

If you're just tuning in, details on the benefit are here... Thank you all for caring and contributing.


Jessica said...

This is so cool. I love the awesome energy floating around the world right now. I am totally going to try Plywerk out, what a cool concept.

Go Jamie!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I love them!!!