Sunday, February 08, 2009

A new grommet was born!

Ed at Q-Peeps kindly made my sweet, new PineappleLuv banner a few weeks ago. As a celebration, I told him I'd put it up the moment I found out his baby was born. A shining star has entered our world. Welcome Luca Fladung Vara!

Check out little Luca here. Congratulations Ed & Marcia!


update: Thanks Jess! Ed's story really is an inspiration. For those who don't Ed's words:

Hi, my name is Ed. I’m a graphic designer who lived in L.A. I quit my job, sold my car, rented out my house and moved to Mexico. Along the way, I learned how to surf and fell in love. This blog is my story. In these pages I write about and photograph my daily experience. I also post about things I find interesting: art, design, photography, music, tech, etc...


Jessica said...

The new banner is refreshing and cool like lemonade on an August afternoon.

And Ed's story is quite the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Love the banner, and congrats on his new baby!!!

Anonymous said...

love the new banner. Ed's blog sounds really interesting. I am going to check it out!...erinn