Friday, February 13, 2009

Surf Fridays!

This Surf Fridays is next to Valentine's Day and I thought about love in simple forms. I read somewhere that there are certain languages that don't have the phrase, I love you. These cultures show it in other ways. Lift up your heart and smile so that your eyes sparkle and we will all feel it. Go forth and love this weekend! From my heart to yours...

Artful love made clear by the eyes of a talented filmmaker
Glass Love by Andrew Kidman

Pure love for the sport
Tom Blake photographed by Doc Ball

Smiling and working together as a team
Hawaii, 1959 photographed by Ralph Crane

To love and obey!
1960s ad for Hansen Surfboards, Cardiff, CA

Love for art that makes you feel happy inside
Tyler Warren

Ciro Bicudo

Luke Taaffe

Love for children
Baby Sirens photographed by Liz Cockrum

1964 Surf Guide

Having a ball with your friends
Hermosa Beach, 1948 photographed by John Florea

Love for color
Hawaii 1970s photographed by George Silk

Enjoying a sunset
North Shore, Oahu photographed by Jeff Divine


Toddy said...

Man, I love Surf Fridays.

Anonymous said...

How great is that Liz snap. Two fins two kids.


Anonymous said...

I love that Luke Taffe piece!

rebeccajane said...

I'm suddenly inspired!