Friday, February 20, 2009

Surf Fridays!

Hi friends! We need you! Or I should say, we need your art! The Mattson family is going through difficult times due to very serious health issues. For those of you in the San Diego area, this Sunday the Mattson Two is playing a benefit show in Encinitas, with special guest Ray Barbee. Please see the Mattson Two blog for more information.

I will be collecting artwork for a benefit art show that will benefit the family. We want to collect as much art as possible. The date for this silent auction will be announced in the near future, however we do know that it will be held at the Surfindian Gallery in Pacific Beach, one night between June 23-30. Thank you Chris and Sam!

Please send your art, photography, drawing, handmade item - by May 30th. Art can be framed or unframed. Please include the title of your piece(s), your name & contact information & a ballpark estimate of pricing. Mail to:

Jamie Watson
759 Cordilleras Ave.
San Carlos, CA 94070

Some tips to make things extra easy:

* Plywerk is a company which uses sustainable wood, where you can upload a print, have them laminate it on the wood/size of your choice, and they will drop ship it directly to the above address. Update: Plywerk is offering a very special 30% discount. Please email me for the link and code.

* Imagekind is a company where you can upload your image, have them print it (and frame it) and ship to the above address.

If you go with one of these options, please be sure to email me at pineappleluv (at) gmail dot com and give me your contact info & pricing. Also please email me with any questions whatsoever.

I know this is going to be a huge success, just thinking about the community we have and how this is going to come together for the Mattson family. Thank you!!!!!

p.s. Also, if you're a shaper in the San Diego area or have an extra surfboard to donate, or a cool fin, that would be a welcome item as well!

Please enjoy a tasteful B&W video of the Mattson 2, taken by Kyle Lightner.


Toddy said...

On it.
I mean, why not?

Chum said...

I'm down... What's the deadline? Peace and positive thoughts to the Mattsons.

Patch said...

Count me in. Blessings out the Mattson family.

Michael Singman-Aste said...

I'm in! Is this specifically surfing/beachy art? I'm back in the old office through the middle of next week so I can give you some stuff there.

Anonymous said...

Do they just want surf inspired photography...or would they be interested in anything I have? If they'd be interested in anything I have, I'd love to help.

Jenny McGee said...

Thanks, Jamie for being so proactive in helping this wonderful family out. I will definitely send a piece for the auction!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I'd be honored to help out. Wishing I could go to the benefit, but my artwork will have to do.

Jamie Watson said...

Thank you all so much - and the show does not have a surf theme, so any piece you choose to send will be just perfect.

Jessica said...

I am not confident but I am more than game to send a favorite photo. I will make Jeff choose one. :)

One never knows!

Paula Marina said...
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Paula Marina said...

Paula Marina said...
Hi, Jamie ! I met the Mattson in Brazil last month. I was featured at Santos Surf Art and I want to help. I´m going to send you a photo for the auction.

Good vibes !


Anonymous said...

Oh man.. thats cool! I mean Thomas, from who I know the Mattson, inspired me sooo much. I´d love to give something back.

Just check out : Don´t mess with Texas on Flickr. You choose and I´ll send you the High definition. Allthough its all analog. But I don´t know if I can send it over to the states. But anyway. Write me

Anonymous said...