Friday, October 31, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Dirt Farm Surf and Skate
Annual Scared Adventures Halloween Surf
Photos by Bischoff

Happy Halloween all you ghouls and goblins! I hope you are having a delightfully freakish day.

Some cool scary surf songs out there...The Ghastly Ones do Haulin' Hearse and The Surf Trio does Monster Beach. There are also a handful of Halloween surf albums. Who knew?

But if you really want to get scared, make sure you watch Murder Montage made by the guys at Svrf & Destroy. Halloween seems to be the perfect holiday for this crew.

I will leave you with a story about a young surfer who went out into the frigid waters on the Lost Coast on Halloween night, never to be seen again. His name was Jack Phillips and he'd lost a bet with his drinking buddies, Tom and Rico, the night before. The loser had to surf all alone on Halloween night, only by the light of the crescent moon. 11pm rolled around. Tom and Rico drove Jack to the aptly named 'Ghost Point' to make sure he fulfilled his bet.

A south swell had come in the day before and the waves were crashing hard onto the rocks. The sound was overwhelming in the dark. Jack suited up and felt a tight knot in the pit of his stomach. He'd surfed by moonlight on a trip to Cabo before, but this...this was different. He slipped a little walking down the rocks to get to the water. His heart was racing while his friends were hollering sounds of encouragement from up above. As he stepped into the water and paddled out, he immediately saw one of the biggest sets coming toward him. Roller after roller of heavy double overhead waves. He had to go NOW. Jack barely had to paddle as the wave lifted him and he felt that old familiar feeling. A tiny bit of confidence crept in as he dropped in and went left. He couldn't see a thing but he was in the tube.

Darkness and silence.

For hours they searched for him. And the next day and the next.

He was never found.

If you are driving along the coast after dark during the bleak light of a crescent moon, and you see a surfer catching a wave with a pumpkin for a head - it is not your vision playing tricks on you. It's the ghost of Jack Phillips.


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Jessica said...

That story was so spooky!