Friday, October 17, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Matt Warshaw wrote the following in his book, Surf Movie Tonite!

Australian surf movies of the 1960s and '70s were for the most part cheaper and rougher than their American counterparts, which helped make Albe Falzon's sumptuous and mildly stoned Morning of the Earth one of the great surf media surprises when it debuted in 1972. Falzon had apprenticed with Aussie surf movie pioneer Bob Evans, then went solo to make Earth, which was backed by a $20,000 grant from the Australian Film Development Corporation.

The movie is remembered in part for its soundtrack album, which was a bestseller in Australia, and for introducing the surf world to the perfect waves of Indonesia. Surfer described Morning of the Earth as being "about the Garden of Eden, plus waves, minus serpent."

The film features legends such as Nat Young and Gerry Lopez but as Albe writes on the film's website, "I didn't set out to photograph any particular surfers for Morning of the Earth, although I was impressed by a certain style of riding to concentrate photographing where possible in that direction. The opening surfing sequence emphasizes the speed that some surfers travel."


Something else entirely that I think the women will especially enjoy, is checking out the beach bungalow of San Francisco artist and surfer, Serena Mitnik-Miller. I love their style and it's inspiring what they do with their space. You can also see her tiny 100 sq. ft. surf shack in Santa Cruz before she moved in with her man in the Outer Sunset. She is also the gallery director at Mollusk Surf Shop.

Serena & Mason's home, as featured in Apartment Therapy

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! It's beautiful here, in the 70s and sunny. I am training for a half-marathon so besides printmaking I will be running a lot in my spare time. I'll get back to surfing after Nov. 9th, and in time for my birthday later that month. I am hoping to surf in San Diego with Jay and pay a much needed visit to my Grandma. xo

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