Friday, October 03, 2008

Surf Fridays!

The Angry Sea
John Severson, 1963

I love the graphic image of the wave and board.

Outside the Third Dimension
Jim Freeman, 1964

The surf magazine ad for this film said, "Watch beautiful girls walk out of the screen at you." "Thrill as 50-foot walls of water come crashing down. You are there!" The only 3-D surf movie out there, that is until Slater's IMAX film comes out in 2009...

A Cool Wave of Color
Greg MacGillivray, 1964

Now here's a real DIY guy - Greg MacGillivray was a high school sophomore in 1960 when he began working on his first film, A Cool Wave of Color, with a budget that allowed him to buy just one roll of film per week. Unable to afford a plane ticket to Hawaii to shoot the big winter surf, MacGillivray instead focused on high-quality California point surf, at places like Malibu, Rincon, Trestles and El Capitan.

Locked In!
Bud Browne, 1964

Awesome photo. I love how simple this poster is.

The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
George Greenough, 1970

Thought Jair would appreciate this one, since he's screening it at the Santos SurfArt Festival.

The Freedom Riders
Bruce Dowse, 1972

Got a kick out of this one. The tagline is, "They Searched for Ultimate Freedom, and Northern Wave Perfection". The film features music by Led Zeppelin. I'm sure no one got stoned while watching this movie.

I can't believe I nearly forgot that I have this awesome book by Matt Warshaw, called Surf Movie Tonite! It's page after page of surf movie poster art from 1957-2004. I may have never expressed this on the blog, but I freak out over posters and surf posters really do it for me.

If I can make like 15 good surf movie posters before I die, I will feel like a million bucks. I haven't even made a poster yet, but I know it's in my future - I can feel it in my blood! I'll start out by making one for my brother's band. He doesn't know it yet, but I think that's a good plan. Blues bands need all the help they can get. Hope your weekend rocks.


Santos SurfArt said...

Thanks!!! I love it!!!
Wish you guys could be here to watch with us...

pushingtide said...

Lovin' it Luv!