Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I forgot I had hair like this

This is me and my very first car - a chartreuse 1974 VW Super Beetle convertible. I'm not sure why I am on top of it trying to do the splits (which by the way, I have never been able to do). I was about 21. I really dug that little green machine.


update: Yeah Liss! I loved those Whitesnake vids. Tawny on the jags in this one and I loved this one too. Sexy!


Lissa said...

Because! You were being someone in Whitesnake or Van Halen!! You truly rock Jamie my friend.

Lee said...

Yup that brings back memories of cut off denim jackets and other fashion faux pas. Is it me or does david coverdale come across a bit like a creepy older uncle!!

Shari said...

Look at you, you sexy thang!

pushingtide said...

Great car Luv!

My first was a '67 convertible vw. Thankfully my Pops knew how to fix it every other day.

jesse said...