Friday, September 26, 2008

Surf Fridays!

The New York Surf Film Festival begins today and I am excited for the filmmakers and viewers who'll be there.

Jay and I saw Under the Sun last Saturday in SF (awesome film, beautifully done, and oh, the animation!) and introduced ourselves to Cyrus Sutton, who was such a nice guy (Ryan T., I said hi for you). Jay talked to Cyrus a little about his film...did you know that it took him 3 years to make...and that he did everything - write, direct, edit, animate, produce...what a labor of love. I told him how much I loved the animation and he said it took him 40 hours to animate 6 seconds. It also has a wonderful environmental message and I hope it does really well in New York.

Of course I am hoping the same thing for Musica Surfica, and those who follow Mick's blog know that his film is a true labor of love, too.

Thought I'd highlight this one premiering tonight - of course, it's already sold out!

The Rocks - directed by Mark Temme

When I first visited Mollusk in SF earlier this year, I asked the owner why he had a shop in New York - is there really that much surf there? He said I'd be surprised how many surfers there are in New York - a lot of them transplants from California, and echoed pretty much this exact same quote from the film..."The surf - when we get it, which is few and far between, is SOLID".

I wonder if the guys from Speed Demons Anonymous are going. They are New York surfers and I enjoy reading their blog.

Well, it's the last weekend in September. I hope it's a really good one for you. I'm going to L.A. to meet up with 2 college friends. Then it's back in the studio. October will be all about being in the studio. I'll post a bit about that in the coming weeks - a shout out for "sinned" - thanks for the inspiration. Cheers all.


sealegs said...

pulp, poo & perfection ...also a cracker that they´ll be showing at the festival.

Mrs.French said...

I am dying to go to a film festival...this one sounds fantastic and I learned through your post that I definitely do not have the patience to be an animator ...dodged that bullet.

dP said...

of course the film festival had to take place when the surf was thumping - some really solid seshies these past few days :)