Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cars in my neighborhood: 08

Rambler wagon
Rosewood Ave., San Carlos


Surfsister said...

I hated station wagons as a kid. Now that I'm a mom and a surfer, I consider them perfect vehicles—the older, the better.

Jamie Watson said...

Hi Surfsister! I know what you mean. I see them as surf mobiles now. I dream of having maybe a Chevy Nomad. Also, on your blog - loved the first silhouette shot of you surfing and "small waves big smile" - Beautiful.

Surfsister said...

I had to convince Soul Brother #1 that the first picture was great. He was mad because there wasn't enough light on me. Then I had to explain to him that surfing is as much about the water as it is about the surfer. In fact, for me the water is primary. I prefer a picture where the water is the subject and the surfer is actually part of the background. I think he caught that in this picture.

There's an old guy in this neighborhood with a Ford Falcon station wagon. He's the original owner. I drive down his block once a week just to stare at that car. I'd sell my bus to have that car!

Mrs.French said...

I love this photo and the car...actually I kind of want that car.

clayfin said...

my parents bought that car (same color) brand new when I was a kid, it was a total lemon. Had to sell it two years later. Shortly thereafter Rambler went out of business. Still, it was our first non-used car and I thought it was pretty neat.

Jamie, according to the Nomad owner I met this weekend, only 1,200 of them left in operating condition so good luck. It's one of my favorites too.