Sunday, September 07, 2008

The epic day in photos

Our very nice and patient teacher, Thomas Campbell. Behind him is his wall of art that he had taken down from his studio that morning. While talking to us about the process of assemblage he said, "Some of you might want to come to me and say, 'Thomas, I can't draw'. Well that's no excuse, because even bad art is good."

Jay made a really cool skateboard stencil.

I had a lot of fun making stuff. A large part of the project was sewing your work together. The sewing part was cool. Thomas told us that he became inspired to sew because his friend, the late, great artist Margaret Kilgallen was experimenting with it. It took him several years of playing around before he was comfortable showing this type of art to anyone.

The Make Something classes are free. They are in conjunction with the SF premiere of the film, Beautiful Losers, which we'd seen the night before. It was one of my favorite movies I'd ever seen. I encourage everyone to see it.

Great window installation by Jesse Spears. One of my favorite things I've ever read is by Jesse, in an interview she did earlier this year: "I don’t like how they call it ‘THE environment’ like it’s some weird thing that’s on another planet - instead of ‘our environment,’ like everything around us all the time."

hi number 4!

Mollusk Surf Shop is right near Ocean Beach.
There were a lot of surfers out and tons of people and dogs enjoying themselves.

And then, one of the nicest parts of the day. Meeting Nat Russell and seeing his beautiful artwork in person. He is so nice! He is standing next to the bold and colorful, Agnes Lake. She was the wife of Wild Bill Hickok and she became a circus performer, mastering the tight rope and taming lions. Nat created a series of drawings, imagining things about her life.

Nat explained that this installation was like a 'key' to his artwork. Much of his work has one of those three elements in it.

For more on Nat Russell, visit his wonderful blog.

Finally, we saw the surf film, Aquaholics. Writer and Director, Curt Meyers was there to introduce it. The movie had amazing helicopter footage of Mavericks. And some funny footage of "car tow-ins" that you can see here. The guy doing that got put in jail for 24 hours.

Right next to the Red Vic is Escape from New York, which has tantalizing pizza smells wafting into the cool San Francisco air. I dedicate one of those slices to ClayFin.

And that was the ending to the epic day. Thanks for reading such a long post. Let's go make stuff.


Jessica said...

Yeah, let's go make stuff. With paper and ink and photos and paint and color and metal and thread and ribbon and fabric and everything fun and pretty and cool. Can't forget the cool.

clayfin said...

ha! is that a new location? I used to go to the one downtown.

Ryan said...

bad ass. My saturday night was whack compared to yours.

Mrs.French said...

I wish I could have went to this class...

Santos SurfArt said...

Oh my..... hate to be in Brasil sometimes...
Happy for you guys,

nathaniel russell said...

stoked! nice to meet you!

Shari said...

Wow... talk about action-packed!