Friday, September 05, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Jantzen Swimtrunks Ad, honor of Seamouse and Ed
Elasticized stretch sharkskin!
As Frank Gifford, in the $7 webbed belt style, says, it gives more than it gets.
Jerry West wears crossed belt loop stretch, about $8.
Bobby Hull is in the button tab stretch, about $6.

It is in his waves that he states his ideas most unmistakably.
Raymond Pettibon, 1989, serigraph

Fernando Aguierre and his honor of Siebert Surfboards

Surf Guide Magazine
The Surf Enthusiast's Monthly
December 1964 / Fifty Cents
winter preview / sunset beach and rincon

Pray for Surf!
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
1963 serigraph

Do you want to know the most awesome day I have planned for tomorrow? Wake up. Run before it gets too hot. Head to Frisco with Jay to attend a Make Something class with Thomas Campbell. Get some tacos or a slice at Escape from New York. 6:00pm, head over to Mollusk to see Nat Russell's show and eat some of his donuts. Back to the Haight at 7:15pm to see the homegrown Aquaholics at the Red Vic. Sneak beer in there. Yes. It will be an epic day.

Wishing you all surf and love and epic days...jw

Aquaholics trailer


Michael S-A said...

Wow, your weekend is totally going to rrroooooock!

Watson said...

I will never look at the NBA logo the same ever again. Jerry west just tarnished it in this Jantzen swimtrunks ad.

corduroy jonz said...

epic post! I caved in and bought a pair of speedo boxer brief shorts to avoid the scrape-age. they are about as tight as those jantzens. of course i wear them under the the normal surf trunks.

seamouse said...

first off, You know how envious I am of you and Jay. Hope your day is as wonderful as it sounds. (Don't forget to post what you made!)

Second, thanks for the link. That ad is amazing, the colours on the hobie had me drooling! Plus I have to confess to owning (and loving) some of the smallest of short shorts out there.

Felipe Siebert said...

hey Jamie, thanks for the mention... I realy appreciate...

I Have one picture from Fernando Aguierre in Greg Noll "the art of surfboard" book... this boards are my dream... hehe

see ya,

Jessica said...

Some days, it is so hard to be on my side of the grass. Your grass is so much greener today my friend. Will email a weird tidbit about the film.

clayfin said...

what an epic day, how was the film?

Danimal said...

Pettibon. Nice.