Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the way to work

This morning I made 2 soft-boiled eggs and put them in my lunch bag. I intended on eating them for breakfast once I got to the office. The other contents of my lunchbag was a chicken salad sandwich that Jay kindly made for me. Shortly before rushing out the door, I realized I hadn't taken vitamins lately, so I popped about 5 different ones.

Driving to work, I suddenly felt very nauseous. Oh dear I realized, it's the vitamins on an empty stomach, or rather a stomach that's only had acidic coffee in it. I thought I'd have to pull over, it was that bad. I veered to the side of the road, and realized I could just keep driving. This happened once more. I thought, maybe I'll just take a bite of Jay's sandwich, that will help. So I reached into the bag and felt the eggs. Now plenty of times I have brought hard-boiled eggs to work. I thought, I'll just crack one in my car and eat it! (WTF)? Yes, I'll crack one in my hand by squeezing it, I'll make this work! A moment later, I had yellow yolk and soft white egg all over my hand, dripping into the bag all over the saran wrapped sandwich. I had forgotten that fast that it was a soft-boiled egg.

I licked off my hand as best I could (out of hunger) and drove to work. My stomach was fine now. The other egg ended up being too soft and I ate my lunch sandwich for breakfast. Sometimes, I am a real spaz.


Clare said...

That's eggsactly why you should eat breakfast before you leave.

Ok, bad joke aside, Im glad that your stomach is feeling much better and that you made it to work ok.

Jess said...

I can't top Clare's comment but this sure was a funny post. Minus the upset tummy of course.

Dean said...

You take more vitamins than me !!!