Friday, May 11, 2007

Taking care of yourself is a business

I work in the software industry and I like to learn about how the business is run. This led me to thinking, our body is a business.

We are each in charge of running our own business. We are responsible for the day to day operations. We can have a very successful business or not, and a lot of it is up to us, the CEO. I want to run a damned good business. I'm the boss of me!

Maybe I can bandy about some terms I hear at the office each day. I have the bandwidth to make my health the strongest and best it can be! I don't need to create an FAQ or a whitepaper on how to do it. Nor do I need a high level presentation or a conference call and run it up the chain, because all I need is right here, right now.

OK enough of that...

On another level, should you try to eat healthy and then have pizza one night, please try not to feel guilty while you are eating it. I had pizza awhile ago, and I told myself, "This pizza is making you strong! This is sustenance! You will no longer be hungry!" Because what is the use if we eat something that's "not good for us" and at the same time, we beat ourselves up about it? Last night I had 4 marshmallows (after trying not to eat sugar) and I thought, "Yum! These are tasty little treats! Hey, no big deal!"

Let's enjoy all of our meals and be the BEST CEO's we can be.


jnichols959 said...

i love it jamie! good CEOs understand that you need to be productive and enjoy your job. in fact if you enjoy it you'll probably end up being more productive.


take care of your body but cut yourself enough slack to enjoy your life - otherwise what's the point of living a long but unfun life? :)

sounds like you and i are of a siilar mind on this...

missmobtown said...

I'm a pretty good CEO, but I'd like to hire a new CFO for the team.

Jess said...

I love the CFO comment, ha ha ha. Love it!

Jess said...

Jamie, you can add Analogy Queen to your list of titles. Great one!