Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fall coat

Back when we first got Devo, I mentioned to my Mom that since whippets have such short coats, I may need to get him a little sweater. I never thought I'd be one of those people who dress up their dogs. Mom alerted me that Land's End was having a sale on doggie clothing. $9.95 for a coat normally $20. OK, turns out I love shopping for dogs even.

It arrived in the mail yesterday and he modeled it for me. He was a little stiff, but so cute. Then, it came time to undo the two velcro straps around his girth. The undoing of the velcro undid Devo. It was such a loud ripping sound that he jumped and wriggled away. I finally got the last one, more quietly and I tossed his new coat on the nearby chair. Devo immediately lunged toward the chair, grabbed that coat by his teeth, ran into the living room and gave it a good shaking. What a card.


Jess said...

I have not traditionally been a fan of the dog clothing situation. But my! What a handsome dog! Seriously, that has to be the most fashion-forward dog coat I've ever seen. Leave it to Jamie!

Clare said...

Yeah, whippets do need to have a little extra padding in the winter. He is adorable in that jacket!

missmobtown said...

I love his one raised ear. Its like he's saying, "I dunno...does this make me look too hippy?"

I love dogs.