Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"There's a lot of talk of how damaging graffiti is and the destruction that happens with graffiti, but there's actually no damage. It all can be removed or painted over with a roller. So there's the media's idea of damage and destruction, this thing that's slightly askew. To me, if there's commercial jingles from the '70s or '80s that I remember and that are stuck in my head, that's damage to me." Barry McGee

Twist - freight train
Photo by All Seeing

Twist - SoMa, 1998

Twist - Dogpatch, 1998

Twist - Dogpatch, 1999
bottom 3 photos from The Transit Project

Interview with Lydia Fong (aka Twist, aka Barry McGee) at Ratio 3 Gallery, SF


Bonus: Next in the Netflix queue is Piece by Piece, a documentary about San Francisco graffiti - "The film puts you alongside the graffiti writers, police and local San Franciscans affected by this misunderstood art form."


Jess said...

Well blow me down at around 11 minutes -- Rex Ray!
It's like an artistic double scoop of gelato!

resintint said...

good stuff!

nm said...


hey....did you ever find Nef's shop in Davenport?

Q.peeps said...

i still can't get over those red toenails. this pic is awesome. i want it. on my wall. large. under glass. puleaze?!

Sea Walk said...

That was really interesting. I never would have thought Barry McGee was like that hahaha He's so trippy