Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Alley in Oz

I check out Grant Newby's blogs, The Alley Fish Fry and Wooden Surfboards and when I commented on a particular incredible photo (the top one), Grant was kind enough to email it to me. Upon my prompting, he told me more about The Alley and sent more beautiful photos. And then he was off for a surfing/camping trip. Lucky guy - and thanks, Grant!

I've wanted to visit Australia ever since my parents made me go to John Newcombe's Tennis Academy in Texas when I was 13 years old (I was totally scared to go away to camp for a week, after an unfavorable experience at Girl Scout Camp two years earlier). All of the instructors were from Australia and they made such an impression on me with their humor, sense of fun and kindness. My backhand really improved too, thanks mates!

In Grant's words...

The Photographer is Lincoln Williams, a local guy we use to shoot video. The Alley Is the Currumbin Alley where the Currumbin Creek runs down from the hills behind the Gold Coast.

This time of year especially in winter when we get morning off shore winds from the West, they come down the valley and out to sea. Even if there is the slightest west in the wind it will be offshore. And on the other side of Currumbin rock it could be more south and not half as clean.

Point break that can be very hollow when the sand is built up at low tide. Then long walls across the river mouth to Lacey's the beach on the other side. The sand bank the trails off to the North from the river can hold a great high tide wave when it is big as well. Nothing to get 3 - 400m long nose rides in winter when the banks are stable and the offshores calm it all down.


Other blogs from Oz that I like to check out:

Critical Slide Society - The creative blog for Shortstraw.

Kurungabaa - a journal of literature, history and ideas for surfers. Some good dialogue going on here.

Look and Sea - Nathan Oldfield is a photographer and director of two lovely surf films, Lines from a Poem and Seaworthy. In his blog he shares lots of beauty and nuggets of wisdom.

Making Friends With The Neighbors - Rebecca Jane lives in Sydney and is doing her PhD about women and surfing, and looking at surfing as a culture. She shares some of her experiences on her thought-provoking blog. She also likes marshmallows. Hi Bec!

Oceans Other Offerings - Luke Taaffe is simply one of my favorite artists.

Safe to Sea - Mick Sowry of St. Kilda, is the director of the beautiful film, Musica Surfica. He shares his very fine storytelling on his blog, along with beautiful photos of his surfing adventures.

Smart Casual - Creative blog from surfer/photographer/designer Ryan Heywood. You've probably seen this.

Sully Mc Ched - of Bondi Beach (or Bondage Beach as he writes in his profile). I get the feeling this guy knows how to have a big time.

The Other Wave - Artist Ben Waters lives in Avalon Beach. He's got a great style. Check out the cool boardshorts he did for Shortstraw.

How cool does this book look by Switch-foot? Scroll to the bottom and click on Spreads.

Anyone else I should know about, please set me straight!


rebeccajane said...

Jamie you should definitely come here and visit!


The flight's a bitch, but then you just get over it.

ashley said...

i would love me some 3-400m long nose rides! that place sounds magical!

and how cool are the short straw boardshorts?

i am digging your blog, it's one of the first i check on google reader!

sullivanLC said...

hi Jamie, it's always enjoyable to read some good blogging and just as nice to get some Oz coverage.
you should definitely come around one day....i am moving from Bondi beach to the incredible Noosa in a month are obviously more than welcome if you are around.....
just started another blog for our crew. check it out when you have a minute:


Ramsnake said...

Thanks for that 5 great new blogs for me to follow!

Jamie Watson said...

Ramsnake! I knew I'd leave one out by mistake. Forgive me I hope - for a surfer with a lot of stoke, check out

Ashley you are so sweet! I totally want those boardshorts, too.

And you guys, thank you for the warm welcome for when the time comes to head to your great country.

Sully, I'm totally diggin' your new blog. I love it already!

Lee said...

Have to say the year spent in OZ with my now wife driving the coast was one of the most special times in my life. You will most definitely not regret the flight the surf is unbelievable. And you can still get get those uncrowded sessions, and outside of the obvious suspects the vibe in the water is cool.(mind you everyones grandma in OZ surfs better than me.!!

Lee said...

Oh and check out sea surfboards from byron bay sweeeet!!

seamouse said...

Oh yeah. LOVE oz! The young lady and I are heading out in November to hopefully stay for a few years.
Can't Wait!

Mariss said...

I hope you get to Oz very soon! Looks like you already have some friends there :)

readysteady said...

thanks so much jamie... you, jay & mr & mrs seamouse are coming to dinner when you get over the jetlag