Friday, July 25, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Hellcat and The Gent
photo by Adam A. Palmer

Hello and Happy Surf Fridays! Well, today is the one-year wedding anniversary for the Mister and I - and we're having a hard time believing it's already been one year. I won't say anything too mushy about that, but I will tell you that I learned that while Mr. Watson is terrific about helping to make dinner, he really doesn't like making salads. And that's OK with me, because he is so handsome. I love you Jay.

Today we are heading to the beautiful Lake Tahoe, the north shore to be exact. I am bringing a waterproof camera so I can get some shots from paddleboards and kayaks. I am nearly beside myself with excitement and must finish packing, so I'll leave something brief today if you don't mind...Something from a book about a very amazing person - Tom Blake.

- Surfrider & Swimmer -

The knowledge you get in schools and colleges is second-hand.
The wisdom and know-how you get from the sea and waves,
and water is virgen,
new and flitting.
By all means, get some of this kind of education.

T. E. Blake. July 13, '90


Shanna said...

Happy Anniversary You Guys! You two lead a charmed life. Your anniversary on Surf Friday is so fitting. Enjoy your weekend and know your friends are sending more love vibes your way.

Clare said...

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. We are so blessed to have you as our friends. I hope that you are paddling in the water as I write and having a great time.

sulu-design said...

Happy anniversary. Wishing you two a lovely weekend together and many happy surf-filled years together to come!

Mrs.French said...

Happy Anniversary sweet Jamie and Jay too....this photo is so sweet. I hope you have a awesome Tahoe adventure, one of the spots I hope to make it to one day!

Dyan said...

Happy Anniversary, Pineapple Girl. That first year always flies faster than you can remember. Thanks for sharing your quote, there's humour and wisdom there. I hope the trip go well, with lots of good pictures too. Have a great time.

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary, Jamie and Jay - I hope you had a wonderful time in Tahoe. Cheers!

Pureness in the Imperfection said...

Never is too late to say congrats...
And this Blake words made me cry today...