Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Full Custom Living

Today, Jay is at 111 Minna with Garage Magazine's art director, Brian "Gringo" Bounds. (Brian is the artist who created the poster above, and my blog banner). Today they are putting the finishing touches on the painted mural that replicates that poster. Jay was telling me that Brian likes to paint from deep inside of the lines really fast and carefree, then gets skillful as he heads to the details around the edges, while Jay's method is to want to paint the edges very carefully first and then head towards the middle.

The reception is tomorrow and I am excited and so proud of Jay. I promise to take photos and post them over the weekend. It's going to be a great scene and what a great culture - all of the talented artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, photographers, car builders, bike builders, Garage gals, and the folks who live it. Full Custom Living at its finest. More information here, here and here.

p.s. I need to fix up my image a little for the reception. I happen to have a pack of Fruit Stripe gum, which comes with temporary tattoos...

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