Saturday, March 31, 2007


I just returned from a business trip to Florida. Gosh did I meet some really cool, talented, fun and down to earth people, most of them engineers. At the resort where we stayed, there was a trapeze school and anyone could take a lesson. I was so excited about this that I tried it. However when my time came, I froze! I had that feeling that I just couldn't believe that I was swinging on a trapeze. You know that feeling, right?

I started out swinging on the bar (as you see in the first pic), but did not flip my legs over the bar to then reach out and eventually do a back flip. My friend Lance did wonderfully (as shown in the 2nd pic). I'd like to give it another try someday, and that won't be hard to do, as there is a Circus School in San Francisco, and a Trapeze School in Oakland. Who knew? To my friends with kids - these are apparently good places to hold birthday parties. To any adventurous adults with no kids, these are good places for your birthday parties!

I am glad to be home, although it was fun to run away to the circus for just a little while.


kate said...

oh man that looks awesome! and you mean to tell me we can learn to do this in our own back yard!! yahoo! that sounds like the best business trip ever.

Joni Taylor said...

You are a little rockstar Jamie! You look awesome swinging through the air. It looks like you're doing it right to me! One brave pineapple!

Jess said...

You are so rad to try that! Brave girl! :)