Friday, March 02, 2007

Random neat stuff

Jay holding my goddaughter, Rayleen
(aren't they adorable)?

We watched that DVD "The Secret" last week out of curiosity, because our good friends swore it started to affect their lives in a very good way. It was pretty corny at times like they said, but it left both of us feeling more positive.

The next morning I thought, how can I bring more abundance to our lives? I thought about Jay's photography and how I really would like to help him with his business. Later that day I was driving to Petaluma to visit Liss. I reached for my cell phone to call Jay's sister, Melissa. I clicked on the "M's" and the first name that popped up was Mario. I realized I hadn't talked to him in so long, so I dialed his number. Usually I get his voicemail but he answered. He said, "Jamie I was going to e-mail you yesterday! I wanted to ask if Jay takes photographs of 'normal stuff' or does he just do crazy things"? (Referring to our holiday card with the squirrel). I said "Heck yeah, the normal stuff he does is awesome"! Mario is a set designer for Pottery Barn catalogue. He told me to have Jay send him some work because they may want to rent his photos to hang on their walls as part of their sets. I hung up and thought, DAMN that secret s*%t works! My Mom would call it synchronicity.

It really does help in life to keep thinking positively no matter what, and to have gratitude every day. I'll tell you another time about a guy who has deeply inspired me - his name is John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach.

Now for the cool stuff. Check here for the images Jay put together.

Drop a line if you have a favorite!


Clare said...

There are too many to choose a favorite. I really like the dog with the hat on and the guy on the moped.

What ba beautiful shot of Jay and Ray. (But Im nor bias)

D & R said...

I love the surfer in Kauai one. Jay does great work, we even have one of his originals in our living room now (from the rodeo).