Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My sweet and spunky future sister-in-law just called. She's taking a boxing class in Baltimore. And, she ordered these hot gloves! She was schooling me in the lingo, telling me about flutters and sounds like so much fun. Jay has got to photograph his little sister getting her hands taped up, looking like a badass. Then with the pink gloves on. I love it.

What's your favorite boxing movie? Is it "Rocky"? "Raging Bull"? Or perhaps my favorite, "Somebody Up There Likes Me". Paul Newman starred in this 1956 film, and it's the story of Rocky Graziano - a scrappy kid always getting into trouble until he got into the ring. The love story is so sweet too.

I thought "Cinderella Story" was good and I loved "Million Dollar Baby", even "Rocky Balboa" - the one that came out this past Christmas. What is it about boxing?

About 2 years ago, I went by myself to a middleweight championship boxing match at the Shark Tank in San Jose. It was so cool. One of my must do's in life is to go to Vegas with Jay and go to a heavyweight boxing match. He likes to add, "and throw around some f&%k the world money" (very unlike his true nature).

Speaking of must do's...soon I'll write about the 100 List, and maybe even declare that I want $16 million dollars!

Follow-up: Jay just arrived home, and without knowing that I'd just had boxing on my mind, told me the following..."This weekend when I went skating with Jaden and Jeff, Jaden asked me to tell him a story. Little did he know, I gave him the whole plot to "Rocky I" and I told him the moral of the story is to always do your best! Because if you try your hardest and don't win, you're still a winner." Jay then asked Jaden to rate his story between a 1 and 10. Jaden gave it a 6.


Clare said...

whoa! 6 out of 1o. Impressive, Jay! My favorite Boxing film has to be Rocky 1v when he goes to Russia and beats Drago. Chris and I love Boxing. I was tempted to buy a pair of signed Jake La Motta gloves the other day but they were $200. My Grandfather was a boxer in the army and won 11 out of 18 fights by knockout!

Jess said...

Wow I am not on the whole boxing thing at all! Jamie, I'm totally surprised to hear you went to a boxing match solo down here. You never cease to amaze. 6 out of 10, that sure did make me laugh.

Amy G. said...

Those are crazy cool. I think you need a pink toolbelt, too. They're the mack daddy... mommy of grrl power (tools).