Friday, March 09, 2007

Snot factory

backyard camellia

Today, I am a snot factory. It's true! Just ask any one of these 47 crumpled tissues laying around me. I've got to tell you, I bought a box of Puffs at Long's and it was on sale for .99 cents. I remember Puffs being one of the most luxurious types of tissue when I was younger and I didn't want the chafing on my nose. Well something happened to Puffs. They are no longer a luxurious tissue! I should have bought the Kleenex brand with the 'soothing aloe' for $2.19 a box. Live and learn my friends. Puffs needed to cut costs!

Another thing I will say is that when I get sick, I feel really negative. It's terrible and it happens every time. I tried to stop it from happening yesterday. I even watched my DVD of The Secret again, but as soon as I turned it off, I felt negative. It must be some sort of natural physical phenomenon. Today I am sick, but I can tell I'll be getting better soon, so my mind feels very positive.

Anyhoo, it is Friday and that is awesome. My dog is laying on a pillow near me and that is cool. 22 days ago, I didn't have a dog!

A few things to think about, that I read recently:

- Energy flows where attention goes.
- Nothing new can come into your life until you’re grateful for what you already have.
- Intend what you want and it will manifest.
- Follow your enthusiasm, excitement and joy.



Clare said...

I love the inspiring words at the end of this post, Positive thinking HAS worked for me in a major way.

kate said...

Yea!! a snot factory post! ;) i knew it would be a good one. on the tissue front, i'm using cloth handkerchiefs now which are amazingly kind to your nose. -a little gross that you can't just toss it when you're done but it works. i have eo to thank for this wisdom. i also use to think of puffs as the lux tissue as a kid. hum bug marketing. also like the thoughts you included. hope you're feeling better.