Friday, January 05, 2007

Shopping Sabbatical

This article from yesterday's news has inspired me, Jay, my Mom, Jess and Clare. I think we are all going to be talking about this for awhile and sharing ideas. For example my Mom and I are going to each come up with 10 ideas for hand-made gifts and share them. If we come up with anything good, I'll post it here.

I'd like to try this experiment 3 months at a time. I know I will probably buy a couple of things, but I'd like to really concentrate on this. It's an excellent challenge. It's starting to change the way I've been dealing with money. I can save more than I have been. I am also interested in finding ways to make more. Whether that be a future job that pays more, or selling art. Sometimes I participate in those research things where they pay you $25 for 30 minutes to taste a new soda or candy. That's kind of fun.

Let's keep the ideas flowing! Doing things like this will really make us feel rich inside. I know that if I turn my focus inward and focus on training for a race or making art, making photo albums, cooking, growing a garden...I will feel more rewarded than buying a new purse. Aw, who am I kidding. I love shopping.

Evil laugh! No, I can do it! Plus, my goodness, I have a little wedding and honeymoon to save up for.


Clare said...

So help me out. I have to plan for Rayleens 1st birthday. Of course I am buying fresh food but for the decorations... I have a 1st candle, do I just forget spending money on special napkins, banners, etc because she doesnt know the difference and just use regular napkins and plates OR is that not really a way to save money because its a special day?

Jess said...

yes save the money this year. get hats and/or a banner but not the plates, napkins, cups. the first birthday party is really a celebration for the parents, the babies are so clueless. in fact, save the money every year you can. you can celebrate without the napkins, i promise! without the whole line (banner, cups, plate, napkins) it highlights the few special pieces you do buy anyway.

Jess said...

ps you can get colored plates and napkins. that's what i did for jaden's birthdays. i just don't do it all in the "theme."

me said...

Have you checked out or heard about