Sunday, December 31, 2006

I love flying


Breakfast in First Class

I really love flying and I suppose it's because my Dad was a pilot - first for the Navy and then for a commercial airline, Delta. Flying doesn't scare me. Turbulence is unsettling, for sure. I enjoy sitting in the Exit row and being asked by the flight attendant if I am able and willing to help. I like thinking I'd do my best to help everyone if something happened.

When I fly Delta, I have some privileges, such as a cheaper fare (they charge by the mile) and being able to sit in First Class if there is availability. The cons that go with that are, I am not guaranteed a seat. I always have to fly stand-by. I missed my High School reunion this year because of that. A foolish move. In some cases it is definitely best to purchase a normal ticket.

I also have to dress up. There is a long list of things you cannot wear on the plane because you represent the airline. I can't wear jeans. I was once denied entry on the plane because I was wearing pedal-pushers, and I looked nice too. I was also asked to remove my jean jacket before I got on a plane in Portland. Another time our family was flying together and my little brother wore a coat and tie. He was only about 9 yrs old, got restless and his shirt became untucked. A crewmember came over to ask my Dad to have my brother tuck his shirt in. My Dad got a little my brother. I wish he would have gotten mad at how ridiculous his airline was.

However the times I do get to sit in FC, I get pretty excited. I look around and wonder if the people around me are super rich, and if so, what do they do for a living? I like getting a hot towel and free cocktails, free movies and extra room. And the food isn't too bad either. When we were little, my brother and I got a little spoiled. We loved the hot fudge sundaes they served to the first class passengers. When our family sat in coach, we were served pecan pie, which looked like it came from a jello mold and we were so jealous when we saw through the curtain - saw the lucky passengers getting their sundaes.

Once when I was in 5th grade we sat near James Brown, rest his wife-beating soul, whose music I love. My Mom pointed out, that is one ugly dude - and she loves his music too. As a sophomore in high school, I sat near Jermaine Jackson, who happened to have a briefcase with his new record album in it. He autographed it and gave it to me. I listen to it all the time. Do you know I'm joking? The big song on that one is "Do What You Do".

My boss tells me JetBlue is pretty awesome to fly on. I hope they expand their routes because they are inexpensive, you get to see movies, and there is more room for the passenger.

Takeoff from BWI on a commuter plane to JFK
Over Colorado on a 7-57
Entering the Bay Area

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Clare said...

Bless his wife beating soul! That is hilarious. I have one question: Do delta fly to Las Vegas???