Monday, January 08, 2007

My brother

Billy Boy Arnold & Bob Welsh, backstage at Yoshi's

Bob Welsh & Rick Estrin, backstage at Yoshi's

Last night, Jay and I were sitting in Yoshi's watching my brother play the guitar and the piano. He was part of the house band for Mark Hummel's annual Harmonica Blues Blowout.

I was so proud of him and moved to tears that our family is so blessed to have my brother.

He asked me to take a photo of him backstage with Billy Boy Arnold. That is the one photo that came out blurry, and I feel so bad about it! Bobby told me last night, "One of the first blues records I ever bought was one by Billy Boy Arnold. I never thought I'd be playing with him one day".

We'll always have the blues. For a talented musician like Bobby, it's probably one of the least likely genres to get you a recording contract. They do it for the love. They have my utmost respect.

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Clare said...

Chris and I are so proud of Bob. Not only is he Chris' best friend but he is also Rayleens Godfather. (He does a pretty good Brando impression when he holds her). He is the worlds best blues guitar player