Friday, January 26, 2007

My most emotional artwork from college

These two pieces may be my most emotional work to date. I did a silkscreen of Polly's name after I'd learned she had died. I was very attached to her story and it deeply affected me. I showed it to my serigraphy class as part of my final and I cried.

The other piece is a lithograph and the first time I used words in my art. (The words had to be written backwards as the image prints in reverse). It is a bit of self-reflection and also, "Here I am, I'm a little scared to come out but I'm doing it anyway". This was also part of my final for lithography class and I knew everything was OK when a girl from another class walked in, read it and copied my words down.

That's when I learned that while plenty of art can resonate with you, your work can also resonate with others and when you least expect it to.


Jess said...

These are really moving Jamie. What courage you have to share them in your blog! I am really drawn to the simplicity, yet depth, of your Polly print.

Clare said...

I always knew you were talented but these just prove it. I see so much warmth and emotion in them. i cant draw/print worth a dime. You are so talented. :)

Joni Taylor said...

Just lovely Jamie girl!