Friday, December 08, 2006

A little more Christmas spirit

Eucalyptus Ave., San Carlos

I have a little more Christmas spirit, and that is because of my beautiful girlfriends. It really started a few weeks ago, when they surprised me on my birthday with brunch and a gorgeous hand-made book with photos and beautiful writings about our friendship. I thought I could die that day, because I was so happy.

This week I had a good chat on the phone with Lil' Mo, Jay's sister in Baltimore, whom I feel like not only is she a relative, but a true girlfriend. I also chatted with Sush in Ft. Collins and I'm sure I'll catch up with Marns in Portland very soon. Happy Birthday Daisy!

I'm super excited about this weekend, where I'll get to go hiking with Jen-dawg, then a family reunion dinner at Mom's. Sunday morning is coffee, a la Sex and the City - with Jess, Clare and Liss who are leaving their babies behind to get some real girl time in. And it's a surprise for Liss, (who doesn't read this blog) and who lives kind of far and doesn't get to hang with girlfriends often enough. I just can't wait. I love and need all of my girlfriends. Now I'm really feeling Christmas spirit.

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lissa said...

OK, wait a minute! I do read this and other blogs from time to time. I just prefer TALKING. So, no more secrets or surprises on here! :) Liss