Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How I got a little Christmas spirit

Eucalyptus Ave., San Carlos

I'd been feeling a little down lately and my attempt at a 3-day fast came to a halt tonight (my 2nd day). I realized I didn't need a fast, I needed a pastrami sandwich. I confidently made this decision and high-tailed it over to Max's, which is the only place I know that makes a killer Reuben with turkey pastrami.

After eating half of this delicious sandwich and giving the other half to Jay, I went for a cozy walk where there are some amazing lights on display down the street. I can't resist Christmas lights, they have always made me happy. I am content, in a way I haven't felt in several days.


Jess said...

I love you! Yes, a reuben not a fast, good thinking Jamie! Isn't it amazing how the lights cheer you up and ignite your spirit? Each year I find myself wanting more and more lights. I used to hate two things with a passion: the color orange and icicle lights. Now I drive an orange car and I fantasize about switching to icicle lights next year. :) What is that quote about women changing their minds?

Clare said...

Have you ever been to Christmas In the Park in San Jose? It is full of lights, decorated Christmas Trees, Santas and hot coffee and Churros. You wrap up with your winter coat and shuffle around in a circle ooing and aaing at the trees. In the past, I have popped into the Fairmont to use the facilities instead of the icky portaloos.

Jamie Welsh said...

Hi. I went to Christmas in the Park when I lived in San Jose, somewhere back in 1988-1993. But I haven't been to it since then. Maybe in the next year or 2 we can all go together with all the kiddos - Rayleen, Jaden, Ella...who knows, maybe I'll have one to bring too! (-: