Monday, December 18, 2006

Quirky, Beloved Baltimore

My boyfriend Jay is from Baltimore, MD. He took these photos a couple of years ago when we were there during the holidays. This area of Baltimore is called Hampden and they are known for their over the top, amazing and quirky light displays. Jay is going back home on Thursday and I hope to meet him there on the 27th, if I can get on a plane. I'll be flying stand-by. Cross your fingers for me, will you? Thanks.


jeff said...

fingers crossed. oh, and i need to get you your jackass dvds. i finally finished them about a million belly-splitting laughs later.

Jess said...

Star light,
star bright,
first star
i see tonight
i wish i may
i wish i might
have this wish
i wish tonight

i wish jamie gets on the plane!!!

Clare said...

There was a young girl named Miss Jamie, who wondered if maybe oh maybe, she would be oh so lucky and get on a plane to Kentucky...oh wait, it's Baltimore, I see!!

Thinking happy plane thoughts for you!

Jamie Welsh said...

Thanks everyone! (-: I feel the love.