Monday, November 06, 2006

Turning 38

My Mom's mom, Noni as I called her, told me something when I was 18. She hoped I'd have a nice date take me to the Top of the Mark, as her husband used to take her on dates way back in the day. For many years afterwards, I did not feel sophisticated enough to even try going on a date there. On the other hand, maybe it says a little something about my dates that they did not take me to places like that. I was a bit of a hippie; people used to tell me I should have grown up in the 60's.

Well I think I'm sophisticated enough now and what does it matter, I want her wish for me to come true. So since it is on my birthday that I get to do whatever I want, I will be turning 38 at the Top of the Mark Hopkins with Jay this year. We will get dressed up and go next Saturday evening. We'll toast at midnight and have a kiss and a dance. And that will be a perfect and meaningful way to spend my birthday this year. Yes 20 years later, I have waited for the perfect date to go with.


Clare said...

That is so romantic.

j dub said...

ah shucks. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get you there. We'll have a great time, and it WILL be a perfect date!

- jay

Jess said...

What are you going to wear?!!

jnichols959 said...

i'm a romantic at heart. so sweet... i love you guys :-)