Friday, November 17, 2006

Plants as an inexpensive decorating tool

If spending money could be my hobby, it would be top on my list. But since it can't be my hobby, and since I love decorating, I was happy I remembered something great this past weekend.

I needed something to spruce up my buffet in the dining room. What could it be? That big empty spot on top of it was looming at me. I went to the Home Depot with Jay and wandered into the plant section. Plants are beautiful, inexpensive and easy to care for. Plus, they give us oxygen. I saw the solution for my dining room.

The tropical plant with colorful leaves was $1.67 and the classy little pot was under $10. Not only can you decorate with the plant itself, but you can get creative with choosing the pot! You might have a plant at home that needs a little sprucing up. Maybe it has grown and needs to be repotted into something a little bigger. Wella! A whole new look.

Some folks think they don't have a green thumb, but all I ever do is water my indoor plants once a week and pay attention to their lighting needs. Plus, if you purchase a plant from Home Depot and it dies within a year, you can bring it back and get another one. How cool is that. It's also fun to go on a small adventure to your local nursery because they have more interesting choices, plus it's so peaceful to wander about.

Plants are our friends!

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Clare said...

I love your plants. Our current house is too dark for indoor plants so I have 3 on my desk at work until we move next year. I have two little plants that I rescued from Target and a pot of pink roses that were a gift from a client. She got them from Trader Joes. I especially like the one in the bathroom. How cool is that.