Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Candy

Damn these Whoppers! I have a milk quart sized box of Whoppers here at work and I keep eating them. I actually put them on the desk of the person across from me, but he's not here. And all I have to do is stand up to get them. Duh. Oooo this reminds me of a good story from a woman I deeply admire. Are you ready? She wanted to stop eating a bag of potato chips so she peed in them! Perhaps I could contaminate these Whoppers with a bunch of salt!

Today I went for the lamest run I've probably ever done. I wonder if I have OCD sometimes. Before leaving the house at 6:40am to go on my run, I first decided that I had to put some laundry in the washer. Then I decided I had to put away one utensil from my dishrack into its drawer. Then I had to fold a blanket that was on my bed and put it on the couch. Then I didn't like how it was folded so I did it again. Now, it's 6:50am and I finally left the house.

It rained on me. I didn't run to the best of my ability. I got to a street that has a view of the bay and I stopped for a long time to marvel at it. I was going to run on another street after that, but I saw a man jogging on it and decided I wanted to be alone. So I ran home instead.

Perhaps I just don't have direction now that I've run the half-marathon.


Clare said...

Oh I dont like pee pee candy
It's not fine and dandy
If only there was a way
To keep Jamie away
From those nice little treats
That say eat these sweets
She should mail them to Clare
Who will make sure they are set free.

jnichols959 said...

i'm not a great example when it comes to consistency in training - but i think it's okay to cut your runs short every now and then. too much rigidity in just about anything can be depressing imho.