Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get a massage

Hello, I am here to tell you something I strongly believe in. Getting a massage is not decadent. It is preventative maintenance and healing. So many women I talk to say that they feel guilty about getting a massage because it is decadent. Just because something feels good does not mean it is decadent.

I could argue that getting a pedicure is decadent because we have the ability to paint our toes ourselves. OK, it is a little difficult and can get a little messy if you don't have a steady hand. But can we rub our backs ourselves? No, we can't!

Is having someone rub our backs necessary? Who doesn't work hard these days? Is there anyone out there who just lays around all day smelling roses? I seriously doubt it. We are hard working at our jobs, as mothers, as wives, partners, good friends. To have assistance with easing the stress or working out knots that have built up in our muscles is good for you.

We should all try to eat healthy food and drink lots of water and exercise, even if it's for a brisk walk. Please add a massage 4 times per year. I usually get one per year so I even need to take my own advice. All you need to do is save roughly $25 a month for 3 months and there you have the massage + tip.

Ask around for who is good. You might like deep tissue or a light touch. Promise you'll get one at least after the holidays.

You deserve it for the well being of your body, soul and mind.

p.s. I believe every woman should have a spa day, but my dear friend Clare reminds me...if you have a special friend to give you a massage at home, well YES! In the words and accent of Borat, "VERY NICE"!


Clare said...

I do not feel that a massage is decadent. I have never had one but that is only because my hubby is excellent at it. Oh, and Im one of those people that makes a mess of her toe polish. The cotton wool between the toes never works for me.

Jess said...

I love practical advice from Jamie. $25 a month for three months? I never would have broken it down like that. I walk into Whole Foods and blink and $25 has left my wallet. I think I will do less pre-pack food and more massage. I love massage. Sorry I can't add a Borat quote since everyone I know saw it without me. (just a mild guilt trip)

missmobtown said...

I got a massage! it was a 15 minute chair massage, but hey, it was great. my friend and I walked by this place offering, and normally I would pass it up, but your words came back to inspire me. mwah!