Friday, July 03, 2009

Surf Fridays!

Hwy 166

Board collection at Pancho's in Pismo

Tour of Moonlight Glassing

Peter's Paint

My new board


Heavenly water temp

Sano surfer

Sunset at Sano

Sano camper

Road trip. Hope to see you again soon, San Diego. You were good to us.


Mariss said...

Stay classy San Diego! Hahahahahha :)

Your new board is awesome! So that's the one side and the blue / orange is the other side? Sweet.

Looks like a fun trip!

seamouse said...

Nice conditions to try out a new log! hope she goes good.

Toddy said...

Pictures of my favorite places.

ashley said...

what a fun time! your new board is great, i love that it has a pineapple on it, hope she serves you well! we just picked up a new fish that has color very similar to yours- love the coke bottle green!

oh, and you got lucky with the warm water, it is so cold again! ugh! come back soon so the water will warm up!

Jess said...

You look so happy there Miss Pineapple.

Maggie said...

You documented our little corner of California beautifully!

Finally got to meet PineappleLuv in the flesh! Next time we hang out!

Candi said...

Great photos! I really love the rounded edges, it really adds to their existing beauty!

Longer said...

Very Cool...

Nice shots, dig the new LB

Hye Tyde said...

Love the new board! How has it been working out? San O - sigh.