Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spanish Toast

Spanish Toast is something I learned from my ex roommate's ex boyfriend, Jaume. He was from Catalonia, Spain and showed us this delicious recipe one morning. It is nice to look back on all of the fun things you experience by having roommates. Like the time one of them used my coffee grinder to grind up marijuana for special brownies.

Spanish Toast


Hearty bread for toasting (sturdy sandwich bread or baguette)
Farmers market quality tomatoes
Nice tasting olive oil
Sea salt

Toast your bread. Drizzle olive oil on top of each slice. Cut your tomato in half and rub one half of a tomato over 2 slices of bread. Get all of the juices on it. Sprinkle with sea salt.

You're going to love it. You can have it with breakfast, as we did this morning with soft-boiled eggs, or you can have it any old time. It might be nice at dinner with a bit of garlic on top.

Bon Appétit!


Clare said...

Ohhhh that is so easy and looks delicious!

I remember that room-mate......

pranaglider said...

Tell us more about the brownies,

I'm just asking for SurfSister...

Toddy said...

Looks like what my wifey makes but she leaves the tomato carcass on top.
Then again, she is of a stock a handful of generations out...

Michael Singman-Aste said...

Looks like a great hangover cure! :)

Q.Peeps said...

mmm tasty. keep the recipes comin'

azuldeultramar said...

mmm that's not exactly the kind of bread we use :D but looks good anyway!

really nice blog, by the way :)



Shona~ LALA dex press said...

damn, I want to lick to computer screen

organik said...

bread and olive oil . is life .
thanks to share . jamie .

watson are a special peoples .
much love .

see ya friends .

ciro bicudo
a.k.a organik

kate said...

your dish looks divine! will have to give it a try now that our backyard tomats are finally in.

sealaura said...

hi there! candi from candace rose sent me over here. so glad she did. your blog is so fun and it seems like we share similar interests. I love this toast recipe. yum! I just visited the surf museum if you want to stop by my blog.

Ciao :)

Niegà said...

Great stuff. I have it almost daily (I'm catalan myself) and I sold it to my wife (scottish) when we first met. The only hint: don't call it "Spanish toast" please. Its real name is "pa amb tomàquet" (bread with tomato) and, as you pointed out, is typical from Catalonia only (capital Barcelona) a region within Spain. I think that "Catalan -or Catalonian- toast" is a more appropiate name for it.

Bon profit!


Jamie Watson said...

Thanks for all the great comments here...I love learning more about this Niegà! I will have to add a little update to the bottom of the post and put the true name of this delicious recipe.

Also Dani, what kind of bread do you like to use?

Niegà said...

It works ok with a french baguette but the best "pa amb tomàquet" is made using artisan or rustic bread.


Antuan said...

Good post! I prefer putting the tomato first and then, the oil. You have to eat "seques amb botifarra", beans with a big catalan sausage, tasty!

See you!