Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The other day I was thinking a lot about bodysurfing and how pure that is. I think it was in the film Archy that a surfer in San Clemente was saying that a few generations ago, kids started out learning how to bodysurf before learning to surf. That sounded kind of cool to me. My dad grew up bodysurfing in Long Beach and taught my brother and I how to do it when we were kids. It's a fond memory.

Bodysurfing is a thrilling little ride. Sand rubbing on your skin and all in your twisted suit. Jumping back in. Throwing yourself at the wave. Everyone can do it!

I'm going to do it again.

Well, then this beauty came out. Bodysurf #3. Ryan Heywood, who are you exactly?

These stole my heart.

Isaac Brest - Puerto Rico

Travis Harder - California

Nathan Phillips - Hawaii

anonymous - Australia

For more, please look at Bodysurf #1 and Bodysurf #2. You can submit your own photo to Ryan, too. I love community projects.

This is who Ryan Heywood is.


apawlak1215 said...

I love bodysurfing. It's so freeing, but at the same time, you're being completely controlled by the wave. It's great.

ashley said...

i hate to admit it, but i almost like bodysurfing more than board surfing. it's the best. and i love this bodysurf project, i was looking at it earlier and there are so many amazing water pics. i have to take some this summer!

rebeccajane said...

So nice. So, so nice.

Toddy said...

Antonio and I have been trying to put together a polar bear winter body surfing club for a few years now. Of course, we haven't quite gotten it together...

Heh. This is a great, great site.

Mariss said...

Body surfing is amazing. Now that I learned to do as kids in the cold as heck Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey with my dad!

Oh why oh why do I not live in Cali?! :( Ha!

P.S. I clicked on the link to all those photos, stunning!

kate said...

did a bit of body surfing as a kid in good 'ole ocean city, md. i remember wearing a t-shirt to avoid getting scraped by the bottom. thanks for the link. too fun to see that people have carried it on to adulthood.