Friday, August 29, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Classic surfboard ads from the 60's and 70's...

Concaves and Nose Riding Concaves At No Additional Cost

Four Famous Shapes

There are two types of materials that all modern surfboards are being made from. The first is a lightweight imported balsa wood and the other is a new scientific discovery called "polyurethane foam"; a lightweight, waterproof plastic foam substance.

The shape was originally designed by Dewey for his own personal board. He wanted a surfboard to ride in surfing contests on the coast during the 1965 contest year. Since the wave conditions vary with each individual contest, the board had to respond equally well in small or large surf, point surf or beach surf, and had to hold up under any type of conditions. Because the Performer has parallel rails it rides well in surf 1' to 8' and will not bounce or spin-out in the larger surf.

East Coast dealer: Sunshine Surf & Sea, Islip, Long Island

Freedom is Surfboards Hawaii's Freedom
Created by artisans who give their total effort to produce their finest handwork possible. Handwork they pride themselves as having done. And why? To let serious surfers surf seriously.

When banking into a turn, the curved rail is the best possible shape for tight acceleration. No matter where you find yourself on the wave, the P.F.IV presents the best possible surface for the extraction of the wave energy. This is flexibility.

Come on and take a free ride! For more vintage 60's & 70's footage from the same upcoming movie, go here. Have a great weekend.


Michael S-A said...

Those are old ads: The 2nd one shows a 213 area code for Tarzana, my hometown. We switched to 818 in 1984! That surf shop is/was less than a mile and a half from my mom's house....

Jamie Watson said...

That's fun info Michael, had no idea that was your hometown! Also thanks for the buddhist quote earlier - that made me smile.

Danimal said...

Thanks for the BBB pack!

It arrived today and a few members of the svrfandestroy posse sat around and watched it.

Thanks again!

Patch said...

Those are bitchin.