Friday, August 22, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Ready, said are you ready to go,
Said are you ready, are you ready to go,
Full Stop, Ranking Full Stop!
Are you ready, said are you ready to stop,
Said are you ready, said are you ready to stop...

Yeah we have winners! (You know you're all winners in my book).

Devo's first drawing was for Grand Prize Winner #1 - and it was...SurfSister!!! Yay SurfSister - you've got the Beach Blanket Burnout film, booklet and Lg T for the hubby. Check out her fun new blog feature, Dance Party Mondays, along with other thoughtful musings about surfing and life in L.A....

Grand Prize Winner #2 - the one and only...DANIMAL. You probably all know this cool dude, one of the creative collaborators over at Svrf & Destroy, a site that provides many of us with endless entertainment. Congrats D - you also get the film, booklet and a Lg T. Hope your home brewing is going well.

Now we're on to our 3 remaining winners, who won a T-shirt and a Beach Blanket Burnout booklet.

And Devo picked...Jair! Jair is a photographer from Brazil and his blog is Pureness in the Imperfection. He is the one putting together the ├╝ber amazing event, II Santos SurfArt. You may have read about it on Ryan's blog earlier this week. Keep your eye out for an interview with Jair on an upcoming Interview Wednesdays...

The 2nd winner of the T-shirt and booklet goes to...Lesley Bruening from Lake Tahoe! Yeah! Les is a gorgeous young woman who makes everybody feel at ease and loves to laugh. She won the shirt for her husband-to-be Kris, soon to be married in Maui next month! Hope you catch some good waves on your honeymoon, cuz.

Our final winner of the day is quitecontrary1977! She has a blog called Now Entering Momville. Devo really liked your entry as you can see, he is licking it. From your blog it looks like you share giveaways with others, so I am glad you are on the receiving end!

Winners please send your mailing address to me at pineappleluv @ gmail dot com.

Thanks for playing you guys, I am thankful and have some cool new blogs to check out as a result. Hope everybody has a rockin' weekend and to end today's Surf Fridays...let's watch a video of Curren vs Occy from 1986. Nice neon!


seamouse said...

Bummer I didn't win.
Oh well at least I can take pleasure in seeing Devo picking out the winners.

Pureness in the Imperfection said...

Sick!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
Thank you!!!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Thanks Devo! I like you too!

Mrs.French said...

Yay winners...I may need to borrow the most handsome Devo for my next giveaway.

Surfsister said...

Yay!!! You like me! You really like me!!! (Who's old enough to remember that famous Oscar speech?)

Coolio! Thanks for the love and the kind words about my blog. Yay!