Friday, May 16, 2008

Surf Fridays!

We're having our first heat wave of the year in Northern California, and it's been too hot to blog. I had a very special visit with my Grandma and my Aunt this week. I have a feeling the next Interview Wednesdays will be about my Grandma. I hope everyone out there is happy that the weekend is here and that you'll have many smiles on your faces today.

Last week's Surf Friday's showed the home of surfer and artist Alex Knost. He's the one who had that cool bachelor pad with C.J. Nelson. Well lo and behold I found the most beautiful clip of Alex surfing. It's from a movie, called Lines from a Poem. The movie description says, "Lines from a Poem is a document about an overlooked and under appreciated niche of the surfing experience: classical waveriding using traditional equipment".

The gorgeous song that goes with it is called Shelter & the Sea and is the perfect accompaniment. It's just what I needed in this heatwave. Hope it goes well with your day, too. Over and out...xoxo


david santos said...

Hi, Jamie!
Excellent post.
Good luck

jnichols959 said...

that guy is sick! i must confess that i (not being a surfer myself) have some conception way in the back of my mind that longboarders are somehow less technical/sophisticated than short boarders. Alex is a great example of how wrong i am :) he remains stylish too so maximum respect.

awesome post jamie. i love surf fridays...