Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interview Wednesdays: Jaden Nichols

I happen to know a young boy who turned five years old today. I've been fortunate to know him since the day he was born. His name is Jaden Nichols.

We dropped by his home this evening and when Jay and I came to the door, Jaden greeted us so politely. "Thank you for coming on my birthday", he said. He invited us to stay and eat homemade sliders with the family, and to stay for presents, strawberry chiffon cake and a game of street hockey - which turned out to be one of his gifts. During dinner I asked Jaden and his parents if I could interview him and they all said sure! Now try to imagine a sweet little voice when you read Jaden's answers...

Jamie: Jaden, does it feel different to be five, than it did when you were four?

Jaden: It feels different because I'm going to a different school and I have a different teacher.

Jamie: Do you feel older?

Jaden: I do feel older, yeah.

Jamie: How does it feel to be older?

Jaden: It feels better. It just feels good because when other people in school are five, like Nathaniel and Murphy, they thought that when I turned five they'd be six, but they're still five!

Jamie: What is your favorite thing about being you?

Jaden: That I'm alive and that I have a Mom and a Dad.

Jamie: What's your favorite toy?

Jaden: Spiderman and Batman. (Mom mentions that she's surprised and Jay wonders if he might have a different favorite toy tomorrow). Jaden says it might be Speed Racer tomorrow.

Jamie: Do you know any words in a different language?

Jaden: I do! Gesundheit and...(Momma helps and asks, "What do we say when I drop you off at school")? Jaden smiles and says, Au revoir.


Jessica said...

Thank you for capturing this moment in tiime for everyone who loves Jaden. I am so glad you invented Interview Wednesdays. said...

Oh My goodness!!! That was soooo adorable!!!

Lissa Hanwright said...

Brilliant questions! Brilliant answers!! Yes. Very good!!